Warm bath: energetic care & undreamt of benefits!

To improve well-being and health, energy treatments also use balneotherapy. Reputed to be effective against depression and many other illnesses, it is increasingly popular in France. But what is thermal balneotherapy? How is it useful? How does it work? Thermal…

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Energizing care : Shiatsu of the face, very soothing micro-acupuncture!

Life in the 21st century and a frenetic pace. To combat anxiety, people today need energizing treatments. We often notice fatigue and stress on the face. To remedy this, facial shiatsu is an excellent way to relax the muscles of…

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What are the benefits of energy care?

The universe is a mass of energy. The human being is first of all energetic before being physical. For centuries, even millennia, energy healing has existed everywhere through the goblet. But what are the virtues of energy healing in general?…

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Energetic care: when is it recommended?

Recently, many alternative therapies have emerged because of the need to find a simple way to restore the link between body and mind after long, stressful days. Energy therapy can help to reconcile mind and body, as it is an…

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Cancer and energy care: What are the impacts?

Choosing to cure yourself naturally is a popular practice. Energetic treatments call on the body and mind to restore harmony and balance to the being. Energy therapy can help significantly in the treatment of cancer. How does it work? Energy…

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