What are the benefits of energy care?

The universe is a mass of energy. The human being is first of all energetic before being physical. For centuries, even millennia, energy healing has existed everywhere through the goblet. But what are the virtues of energy healing in general?

The need for balance and harmony of being

The word "health" comes from the Latin salus or "salvation, safety, integrity". It is a condition that human beings know for their survival and they know that it can vary from positive to negative, or vice versa. Every day we fight to avoid illness, accidents, injuries, conflicts, sorrows, in order to maintain the initial positive status and to continue to live by walking in the direction of the soul, until our last breath. During this journey, it is inevitable to find difficulties that test physical strength, personality and intelligence, the main characteristics of the body, soul and spirit. Good health" requires an understanding of the integrity and balance of these three pillars of human existence.

Freeing your life through energy care

Eliminating bad vibrations and negative energies from one's life does not seem an easy task, but with energetic care, it is quite simple to unblock accumulated energy nodes and restore balance in one's life. Energy therapy is recommended for people who suffer from anxiety, stress or excessive fatigue on a daily basis. However, it can also be an alternative to the concrete problems we face that are beyond us in one way or another, regardless of their type. Transforming one's daily life in the right direction is one of the strengths of these alternative medicines.

The accessibility of energy therapy

There are many types of energy healers and you can find them almost everywhere. Reiki practitioners can be found easily on the planet. The beauty of Reiki healing is that it can be administered and received even if the client and the practitioner are not in the same environment. Acupuncture specialists are also very easy to find, even if clients must be physically present to receive treatment. This therapy stimulates the flow of chi to rebalance the body. Reflexology is another way to release blocked energy and promote healing by stimulating meridians, organs and systems through points on the feet, hands and ears. Even massage is an energetic healing practice because it releases tension in muscles, promotes lymph circulation and allows for deep relaxation.
Warm bath: energetic care & undreamt of benefits!
Energizing care : Shiatsu of the face, very soothing micro-acupuncture!

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