Warm bath: energetic care & undreamt of benefits!

To improve well-being and health, energy treatments also use balneotherapy. Reputed to be effective against depression and many other illnesses, it is increasingly popular in France. But what is thermal balneotherapy? How is it useful? How does it work?

Thermal balneotherapy, qu├ęsaco ?

Thermal balneotherapy is defined as a therapy using mineral waters. It associates to the physical properties (non specific), the biological and therapeutic effects exerted by the mineralizers. They make each mineral water a solution with a unique chemical-physical composition. The bathing technique follows general principles, although variations in application methods are possible (duration, temperature, etc.), depending on the mineral water used and the pathology to be treated.

The interest of balneotherapy for energetic care

Energetic care uses balneotherapy to reduce stress and discomfort and reactivate the proper functioning of the circulatory system. The hot bath has a stimulating effect on circulation and cellular metabolism. It is indicated in cases of hypertension, arteriosclerosis, obesity, gout, depressive states and, in particular, peripheral vasculopathies and certain arthropathies. Thermal balneotherapy is of great importance in thermal establishments. It is generally practised as an immersion bath in individual tubs or in the pool, with or without a whirlpool. It is a great ally for body care. The whirlpool bath, for example, is a special method of massage therapy that uses the pressure exerted by mineral water jets or a network to soothe, calm and relieve the patient.

How does balneotherapy work?

The thermal bath is usually added to the ozone. The ozone bubbles provide a delicate massage, coming into contact with the immersed surface of the body, determining the stimulating effects and energizing the circulatory care (dilatation of capillaries, compression of venous vessels, increase in the speed of blood at the periphery). Dry human skin is not very receptive to gases and water-soluble substances. But when it is wet, softened with warm water, it becomes permeable by diffusion, allowing the ozone dissolved in the bath water to reach the deepest layers of the tissues. In addition, the large quantity of ozonated air bubbles that continually rise to the surface of the water also determines a general action on the body through inhalation of ozone at optimal concentrations. It promotes the absorption through the respiratory tract of the various salts present in the spa water.
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