Naturist massages: eroticism and sensuality!

Today, many people still hesitate to cross the threshold of a naturist massage parlour. This mistrust stems from a concern for the other’s gaze and a lack of understanding of this practice. Discover in this article, the interest of this…

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Choose your masseur

The naturist massage aims to harmonize and balance the body. Although the erotic side is visible, it is necessary to choose well its masseuse for a better effectiveness. A complete massage must be done according to the rules of the…

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How to enjoy a body-body massage in just a few clicks?

Energetic treatments consist in giving harmony and serenity to our well-being. There are several methods to achieve this. And among these, we can find the body-body massage. But how can you find a salon that offers this kind of therapy…

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How to become a naturist massage practitioner?

Nowadays, energetic treatments take various forms. The naturist massage, for example, aims to remove the evils by privileging the contact of the body and eroticism. It is important to know that this kind of practice remains professional. But how to…

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