Naturist massages: eroticism and sensuality!

Today, many people still hesitate to cross the threshold of a naturist massage parlour. This mistrust stems from a concern for the other's gaze and a lack of understanding of this practice. Discover in this article, the interest of this kind of therapy.

An emotional and physical journey

The massage can be seen as an adventure for two, you know when it starts, but you don't know when the person will stop and then resume their journey and that's what we appreciate most, knowing that this journey will last a long time, that it's always an exchange that lasts, even afterwards, when we can no longer see each other. Massage is a way to unite the fragments of body and soul of those who turn to the masseur, to achieve an emotional and physical reconciliation, a space to get in touch with themselves.

How to choose your massage parlour?

The naturist massage must be gentle and must make the person feel good. But, it must always remain professional and must not lead to the creation of links or relationships. The goal is to take care of the person without ever losing parts of himself. It is not an "exclusive" link between masseur and massaged and it is important to make this clear. Because considered as erotic massage, it nevertheless maintains, but a professional relationship where the treatment or massage is only aimed at that person, at that moment, respecting his needs and requirements that must remain in place carried by the treatment itself. There are several types of naturist massage. The Californian massage is one of the most popular in this field.

The Californian massage

The Californian massage appeared in the early 1970s in California, near San Francisco. Its birth took place in the United States during the development of a series of therapies that preached the liberation of the body, the expression of feelings and the overall balance of the person. The Californian ritual massage, extremely sensual, is practiced on bare skin or at best covered with underwear. The masseur uses an oil that makes the gestures more fluid, generally scented and relaxing essential oils. His technique consists of wrapping and modelling the body as a whole, alternating fluid, light or deep movements. The Californian massage is above all for those who are looking for a real moment of relaxation, for those who want to abandon themselves and find harmony with their body.
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