Energetic care: when is it recommended?

Published on : 04 June 20203 min reading time

Recently, many alternative therapies have emerged because of the need to find a simple way to restore the link between body and mind after long, stressful days. Energy therapy can help to reconcile mind and body, as it is an innovative technique that works on well-being.

Understanding Energy Therapy

Energy healing is a technique based on the application of energy to restore balance and harmony to an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. They act by reactivating the communication of energy channels in the physical body and restoring the electromagnetic flow between cells. As a result, the person will feel a greater sense of well-being at all levels. Precisely practiced energy treatments provide the basis for a harmonious integration of body, mind and spirit. They alleviate and eliminate a patient’s disturbed sleep and insomnia.

The circulation of energy

The therapist and the techniques act as a channel for the flow of energy and a catalyst. However, it is the individual himself who has the possibility and power to change his state through the new frequency, which can restore a full and lasting balance in his body. Modern physics has verified that the universe and its elements are composed of energy. The latter passes through regular channels in an initially harmonious and balanced order. Stress, lifestyle habits, disruptive thoughts and emotions, among other causes, can lead to the loss of this stability through accumulation, deficit or blockages at different points in the energy system, interfering with the proper flow of vital energy and subsequently giving way to various disorders, ailments and diseases. The energetic and vibratory treatments act by restoring the flow of vital energy. In this sense, they are a complementary support to conventional medical treatments.

How does energy care work?

In the vast majority of cases, patients express an increased sense of well-being and serenity. Many have found positive experiences that have helped them to better cope with illness and depression. The words are often found, happy and relaxed in their words. The treatments and massage sessions act on various pains. Studies have shown that energy treatments are effective for physical and mental relaxation and pain management. They reduce anxiety, stress and increase the feeling of well-being. Energy and vibratory techniques such as Reiki or crystal therapy act by restoring the flow of vital energy. In this sense, they are a complementary support to conventional medical treatments.

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