Cancer and energy care: What are the impacts?

Published on : 04 June 20203 min reading time

Choosing to cure yourself naturally is a popular practice. Energetic treatments call on the body and mind to restore harmony and balance to the being. Energy therapy can help significantly in the treatment of cancer. How does it work?

Energy healing is based on scientific principles

Some healers consider that the disorder of the body stems from the mind. Every type of illness, from cancer to heart failure, comes from an internal conflict and the resulting stress created by the body to resist this contradiction. In the history of modern medicine some 20th century researchers are convinced that cancer has fundamental links to the problems of life and death. Cancer has been defined accordingly as a cancerous biopathy. A biopathy is caused by a bioenergetic disruption of the plasma system. Consequently, energetic care activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove the above-mentioned blockages. Releasing these energy blocks stimulates the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.

The Power of Manual Healing

In this view of things, viruses and bacteria exist, but they are not the cause of diseases, they exploit more than anything else the energy decline of the body. In a manual energy therapy like Reiki, the therapist exploits the person’s energy field by placing his hands on specific points of the body to unblock and restore the flow of energy in the meridians, plexuses and chakras. It also works with important organs such as the liver and the pancreas and some key glands of the body’s general balance, such as the hypothalamus, the pituitary or the pineal gland. The hands do not press, it is different from a massage, they are simply placed passively in certain areas of the body, which stimulates important energy points. This technique adds the knowledge of different cultures combining the Chinese energetic vision with the Ayurvedic vision.

Energy treatments to be calm and optimistic

The diagnosis of cancer should not be synonymous with failure to cure. The goal of energetic care is to direct thoughts towards the patient’s healing. Positivism and joie de vivre are indeed one of the bases for improved health. Because of the psychic conflict, internal impulses have been transformed into feelings of anxiety and pain. Energy therapy consists of daily sessions where the patient can easily express himself. The specialist simply looks at how energy is concentrated in an environment where stress is forgotten.

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