Rebalance your energy with essential oils!

Illness and stress easily unbalance the harmony of the human body. Energy treatments therefore use essential oils and their virtues to restore vigour, joy and serenity. But how do these products act on the person?

How can we understand the chakra and the human body?

In Eastern traditions, the human body is composed of several levels of energy, both physical and "subtle". The individual is a creature with a physical body that he uses to run, to walk, to eat, to stay in the world, but existence does not end with this obvious fact. We are also equipped with a thin body called the "vajra body" (vajrakya), which is regulated by subtle energy flows distributed along the channels (nadi) and within the energy centers (chakras). The energy contained in the chakras allows the human being to have intellectual, emotional and spiritual activity. However, due to physical or emotional tension or trauma, the chakras can close temporarily or, on the contrary, they can be over-stimulated and therefore over-charged with energy. This situation leads to an imbalance on the different levels of the metabolism.

What is neither essential nor essential in truth?

On a technical level, an essential oil is a concentrate of active aromatic principles that transmit a given therapeutic information. But in terms of energy, an essential oil is much more than that: it is a concentrate of life that speaks to a person and makes him or her travel. It tells him a story: his own, that of the individual, and connects him to the plant world and to nature as a whole. Since every human being is part of a larger whole, the scent of lavender essential oil, for example, can also restore harmony and promote relaxation and well-being.

How to harmonize the chakra?

Rebalancing the chakra with essential oils is an activity that can undoubtedly help, associated with a wider and deeper type of path that also involves a thorough study of one's own person. Sweet almond oil, Atlas cedar oil or lavender oil are suitable for energetic massage. It is quite possible to mix a few drops of each essential oil with linseed oil (Linum usitatissimum). It is also recommended to spread a mixture, in the environment, made from these oils during meditation. The activity of the chakras is subject to the double inspiratory/expiratory movement, so it has a direct impact on the physical body. This is what makes the message, transmitted by the essential oils, so effective.
How to prepare your own massage oil?

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