How to prepare your own massage oil?

Massage oils for the body are cosmetics that are simple to prepare and very useful for softening and moisturising the skin, but also for transmitting the active ingredients that act on the muscles or joints. Here is a tutorial to prepare a massage oil in a few minutes.

How to prepare a massage oil for the body?

The recipes for making body oils are very simple. First of all, in addition to the ingredients, you must get a dark glass bottle, which must be clean and dry. Then, a funnel and a measuring spoon will be needed to measure and pour the ingredients more easily. Choosing your massage oil base according to your skin type, but also its use, is the first step. It will represent about 80% of our massage oil, to which we will add 20% of a more specific vegetable oil or oleolite: mosqueta rose oil, for example, is excellent for the prevention of stretch marks, calendula oleolite is ideal for soothing irritated skin. To these selected vegetable oils are also added essential oils (no more than one drop per millilitre of oil): sweet orange, lemon and cypress are excellent against cellulite; that of lavender helps to calm all irritations; those of celery and carrot lighten dark spots on the skin.

How to keep it?

Once you have prepared the massage oil, don't forget to add vitamin E (1 millilitre per 100 ml of oil) to prevent the oil from becoming rancid and to label the bottle with the ingredients and the date of preparation. Massage oil is stored at room temperature and away from direct sources of light and heat; it should not be used if it smells rancid, as this means that the fatty acids it contains have oxidised.

When to use the Body Massage Oil?

Massage oil is a simple and inexpensive cosmetic product, but very useful for the beauty of the skin and beyond. Massage oil for the body can help to soften the skin and keep it moisturized, especially in cases of dry skin or for the roughest areas of the body such as knees, heels and elbows, or to soothe inflammation and skin irritation. Due to, for example, waxing or hair removal in the sun. In addition, massage oil can be used to drain excess fluid and stimulate circulation, thus counteracting certain imperfections such as cellulite and swelling of the lower limbs.
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