Massage therapy and techniques

Practiced for centuries and centuries, the aim of massage therapy is to restore totally or partially the functionality of the diseased organs through specific skills. There are various types of massage techniques. Discover the types of methods commonly used and the world of massage therapy.

Massage therapy in general

Massage therapy is a therapeutic form of traditional massage. It is one of the most natural gestures an individual performs daily. In fact, it is instinctive to rub a sore shoulder. In practice, massage therapy is a set of different maneuvers performed on the body to relieve muscle or joint pain, to release muscle tension and fatigue, to tone the volume of certain tissues, but also to correct the psychological well-being of the subject. But this is not limited to the physical. Massage therapy provides benefits for the entire body, such as improvements in blood and lymphatic circulation.

Types of massage therapy

The first testimonies about therapeutic massage date back to classical Greece: it seems that Hippocrates practiced it to fight against disorders related to old age. Therapeutic massage then spread to the military and sports environment. Today, there are 4 main currents stemming from this technique: the Swedish method, the German method, the French method and the Spanish chiromassage. Massage therapy often focuses on the back and neck. This concerns respectively with the lumbar massage and cervical massage therapy. There are also relaxing massage, cryotherapy massage, Cyriax Physiotherapy and Knap point massage. All of these many forms serve one purpose: relaxation and the general well-being of the individual.

A focus on massage

The energetic massage is a practice, of shamanic origin, powerful able to massage the aura as well as the physical part requiring special care. It is also interested in emotional pain. When it hurts somewhere, the hands are automatically brought to that point. If a child or an animal is sick, we touch it with our hands. All living beings need this therapeutic contact. The energetic massage consists in first of all identifying anomalies on the aura, the energetic envelope that envelops a living being. It allows you to be in phase with yourself. This category of treatment can be performed on all individuals at any age. However, it is important to seek the advice of your doctor before performing this type of massage.
How to become an acupuncturist masseur?

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